Immigration News: Label-less Visas

Immigration New Zealand has provided the following information about the implementation of label-less visas for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

From 11 November 2013, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will be granting label-less visas when approving temporary (visitor, student and work) visa applications for nationals of Japan, applying from their home country.  Label-less visas for nationals of South Korea and Taiwan who apply from their home countries and are approved temporary visas will be implemented shortly thereafter.

This is in addition to the existing use of label-less visas for nationals of Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Kiribati, and for clients from various countries who apply for a visa in Sydney.

Label-less visas

The visa is recorded electronically in INZ's system, and the visa holder will not have a visa label in their passport. Instead, they will be notified about their visa approval by email from INZ. This notification will contain details about their visa, including the travel and other conditions of the visa.

Label-less visa holders will be advised to carry the approval notification when they enrol with an education provider.

Enrolment processes - Domestic students

It is recommended that schools take a copy of the visa approval notification (including where relevant, the parent's work or visitor visa approval notification), and retain this on the enrolment files for each student.

Enrolment processes - International fee paying students

When INZ approves a visa for an international fee paying student from one of these countries, INZ will email the education provider directly to confirm the visa has been approved and to outline the details of the visa. This will ensure the provider has a verified copy of the visa information that they can retain on their files.

Confirming a student's immigration status

If necessary, education providers can contact the Immigration Contact Centre, by email, on to enquire about an individual student's immigration status.

When enquiring about a student, please include in your email:

  • The full name of the student, their date of birth and passport number
  • A scanned copy of the decision letter.

The email must originate from the education provider's official email address, and use an email signature that includes the name of the requestor and details of the education provider.

The response from the Immigration Contact Centre will indicate whether or not the named person holds a student visa, any conditions about what and where they may study, and the expiry date of the visa.

If you have any queries about the label-less visa process please contact

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