Tauranga City Council Notifies Plan Changes

Tauranga City Council notified 9 plan changes on 5 October 2013.  The plan changes have been prepared to address and fine tune a number of technical issues that have become evident since the City Plan was made operative.  Submissions close on 4 November 2013.

If you require assistance to prepare an effective submission on any of the plan changes set out below please contact either Michelle Paddison, Associate on 07 928 0766 or Joshua Gear, Senior Solicitor on 07 928 0761.

The plan changes relate to the following topics:

Plan Change 1 - Infrastructure Performance Standards - This plan change seeks to amend definitions for infrastructure and services, and objectives and policies to clarify Council's expectations for infrastructure.

Plan Change 2 - Wairakei Urban Growth Area - It is envisaged that more conventional suburban developments will be planned rather than the intensive developments that were previously provided for, due to the current economic climate.  As such, among other things, the rules are being changed to assist conventional developments by deleting the requirement for comprehensive development consents for the Wairakei Urban Growth Area.

Plan Change 3 - Tauriko Business Estate - This plan change fine tunes urban design requirements, and it seeks to assist the delivery of infrastructure and the zoning pattern for Tauriko.

Plan Change 4 - Residential and Visitor Accommodation Density within the City Centre Zone - This plan change seeks to align the City Centre zone density provision for residential activities with the City Centre zone policies, by removing the density controls for residential activities and visitor accommodation.

Plan Change 5 - Urban Growth Areas Earthworks - This plan change seeks to ensure that the identified yield and infrastructure requirements for urban growth areas are able to be delivered through both subdivision and landuse activities.

Plan Change 6 - Definitions Demolition of Buildings/Structures and Clarification of Building and Business Activity, Places of Assembly

Plan Change 7 - City Living Zone - Plan Change 7 addresses issues arising from the current structure of the City Living Zone in that the current provisions do not provide for development of existing vacant sites for single independent dwelling units or for "classic" infill development as a permitted activity.

Plan Change 8 - Undergrounding of Electric Lines - This plan change proposes to ensure that both are undergrounded through the subdivision and development process, which is not a current requirement.

Plan Change 11 - Earthworks - This plan change proposes amendments to clarify what type of earthwork activities are permitted or require resource consent under the City Plan. As part of these changes the definition of earthworks is proposed to be amended as well as new definitions for cleanfill and landfill. This will also include a new objective and policy for landfill activities.

More information can also be found at this Tauranga City Council link.

Written by Michelle Paddison, Joshua Gear at 12:00



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