Are you selling products or services online?

Do you have a robust set of website terms and conditions?

Many businesses will readily adopt a standard set of terms of trade when dealing with customers on a 'face to face' basis but it is surprising how many businesses are selling products and services online without appropriate website terms and conditions.

A good set of website terms and conditions deal with more than your standard terms of trade would. In addition to the terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of goods or service, such as price, payment, warranties, return policies etc.., website terms and conditions should also deal with matters such as:
•    Use of the website, including appropriate restrictions on use.
•    Intellectual Property in the site content, including logos, graphics etc..
•    The right to collect and use customer information.
•    Privacy obligations.
•    Posting policy if users are entitled to post feedback or if your site links through to a social media site such as Facebook.
•    User responsibility to ensure no bugs or other viruses are obtained from accessing the site or introduced to the site.
•    Exclusions and Limitations on your liability.
•    Linked websites.
•    Governing law for disputes, particularly since users may not be based in NZ.

Selling online is the way of the future. If you are in this space or thinking about getting into it, make sure you protect your business with appropriate website terms and conditions.

To discuss further, including what it might cost to set yourself up with appropriate terms and conditions, feel free to get in touch on 07 928 0777.


Written by Kylie van Heerden at 09:00





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