New Bullying Prevention Guidelines Released By Worksafe New Zealand

Workplace bullying is a health and safety issue. Worksafe describes it as a "significant hazard". In guidelines just released, Worksafe make it very clear that employers who do not address workplace bullying are in breach of the law.

You can read the full guideline by clicking here.

The guidelines provide advice on how to prevent workplace bullying or respond to it if it is occurring. They offer a range of options from low-key solutions to undertaking investigations.

There are also other tools available to help employers:

• The Workplace Assessment Tool assesses factors in your workplace that can help limit bullying. The tool will build you a printable report on how you can improve your workplace

• The responding to an allegation flowchart takes employers through a recommended process for dealing with an allegation of workplace bullying.

More information about bullying prevention tools is available on Worksafe's website.

Need help?

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